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Why Roxen Editorial Portal?

Our previous editorial system had been acquired and the new vendor stopped developing the system, which quickly made it out of date and we urgently needed a more modern system, the news system should be company-wide so the editors and the rest of our employees at our four different newspapers could work in the same system.

“We use Roxen Editorial Portal to enforce new, more efficient, routines.”
– Thomas Fransson

What made us choose Roxen Editorial Portal was the possibility to template and edit a large portion of the newspaper before any articles were written. Roxen’s approach to templating is straightforward and flexible has enabled us to be more creative and to produce more and better articles. I remember thinking that the system seemed easy to use from the very beginning, but the great thing has been that it has become more user-friendly with each update. We made the decision on Roxen Editorial Portal because of its functionality and the cost efficiency was a bonus we discovered later on. We wanted a system that met the needs as a smaller newspaper, which made Roxen Editorial Portal the obvious choice. At the same time I do believe that also a much larger newspaper would appreciate the user-friendly layout and the great service and support.

Something else we have also come to appreciate with Roxen Editorial Portal is the possibility to search for information in the production archive that is included in the product. For us it is a frequently used feature to help us find and retrieve previously published articles and pictures.

The Roxen staff is always attentive to our needs. Even though we do not currently use Roxen CMS or News Website they have helped us with the integration to our website so we can write and edit everything in Roxen Editorial Portal and publish in all our news channels with ease. Overall, I would say that Roxen and their products have exceeded our expectations, and we are now able to produce editorial content quicker and more efficiently than before.

Installing and using Roxen Editorial Portal

Roxen Editorial Portal is an extremely user-friendly product; when we have interns it usually only takes a couple of hours for them to learn how to use the system.

With the Roxen system our newspapers now have a higher and more consistent quality; we have a great overview of all four newspapers and can easily see if something is missing. By using the templates we have found that our journalists can spend more time on their texts and stories, which also has improved the quality of our content. We like the empowerment and involvement that has been created by giving everyone an overview of the entire production. Everybody can se each other’s work, that makes it possible to improve stories by giving and receiving feed-back. Our editors have also become more efficient and are able to edit the newspaper much faster than before. Deadlines that would have been impossible to meet before the introduction of Roxen are now completed with ease. 

If you have been in the business for as long as we have, it is easy to believe that you are doing things the right or the only way, but Roxen have already helped us to identify areas of substantial improvement in our own workflow, and we have used Roxen Editorial Portal to enforce new, more efficient, routines.

Working with Roxen AB

We have a great relationship with Roxen. They are always helpful, accommodating and they go the extra mile to understand our problems. In our dialog with Roxen, they listen to our opinions and over the years we have seen the product evolve in a direction that is very relevant to our needs. When we first started using Roxen Editorial Portal we wrote down things that we thought could be better and Roxen have fixed all of those issues, one after one.

Whenever we bring something to Roxen’s attention they have listened to us and fixed it quickly. They have always been there for us whenever we have had questions, no matter how small or big the question was. The Roxen support is fantastic and they have always been able to rapidly fix any problems and answer our questions.

When we bought Roxen Editorial Portal we also changed many of our other systems at the same time, which created a lot of confusion. Throughout this process, Roxen have been patient with us and helped us with our questions and problems, even those that were related to other products and vendors. No question has ever felt too dumb to ask and the support is always knowledgeable, rapid and friendly. They have been excellent at explaining things for us. But most importantly, they have been there for us the few times when we have been up against a deadline, this is one reason why we trust Roxen so much, they take responsibility and are always willing to go that extra mile when needed.

Quick Facts

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Number of publications4
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Number of employeesApprox. 70
Using Roxen since2013
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