Why Roxen’s Newsroom solution?

In 2011 we grew from four to six newspapers and realized that traditional desktop publishing could no longer fulfill our requirements. The workflow had started to become complicated and we added time-consuming steps to ensure the quality of our publications. At that point we understood we needed an editorial system.

“All of the improvements we had hoped for materialized in a very short time.”
– Heléne Claesson

We were in search of a system that suited our needs and decided to try two different systems before choosing. One of these systems was Roxen Editorial Portal. After a six-month test run with Roxen on one of our titles, and the market-leading system on another, we concluded that Roxen Editorial Portal was not only easier to use, more modern, and better adapted to our requirements, but also gave us the lowest total cost of ownership. We also felt that Roxen were more accessible and listened to our requests and problems to a greater extent than the competitor did.

We have never regretted our decision to go with Roxen. They understand our day-to-day challenges and we are recognized as an important customer. Their support team is also very knowledgeable and helpful. The system has exceeded our expectations – it was extremely easy and quick to train the staff. This helped us materialize all of the improvements we had hoped for in a very short time.

Installing and using Roxen Editorial Portal and Roxen News Website

When we first started the process of changing to Roxen Editorial Portal we wanted to become more efficient and effective but were unaware of how many old inefficient routines we actually had in place. Roxen stepped out of their way to help us identify these inefficiencies, so in addition to saving time and money we now have a streamlined workflow and a better overview of the production of all our newspapers.

Previously, we were worried about introducing a new system in our workplace. One of our staff members had previous experience in changing editorial systems and warned us it would be an extremely complex, disruptive and time-consuming operation. To our delight the installation went very smoothly. As soon as an issue was identified, it was quickly dealt with and resolved. During the short installation and implementation process we had support staff from Roxen present on site to help us. Our own staff could ask questions in the production environment, which was a very good way to begin working with the new system. After the initial three-day training for the staff members we used the system for three months and then scheduled another training day. We found that it helped our staff understand the system and make the training more efficient.

Roxen has also helped us with our workflow, and by challenging us with the right questions they made us think outside the box. We are now more efficient and have been able to start a brand new local newspaper with a small number of journalists and sales people within four weeks! The time savings allow us to launch more products and grow much faster.

Our satisfaction with Roxen Editorial Portal has also led us to buy their integrated Web CMS solution, Roxen’s News Website. Since we wanted some additional features Roxen quickly helped us to develop and implement these. We now use Roxen Editorial Portal as our content hub which gives us unprecedented overview and control and makes the workflow more efficient. Right now we are also, with Roxen's help and access to their technology ecosystem, looking into other products to better understand and interact with our audience and advertisers and we will continue to lean on Roxen as our newsroom IT partner for the years to come.

Working with Roxen AB

It can be difficult to get large suppliers to listen to our requirements and prioritize us, but this has never been an issue with Roxen. We have always felt like an important customer to Roxen and their staff are helpful, honest and knowledgeable.

I would definitely recommend Roxen and their solutions to others!

Quick Facts

Number of publications30+
DistributionFree, weekly
Using Roxen since2013
Roxen solutions in useRoxen Editorial Portal
Roxen News Website
Previous editorial systemsNone