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Why solutions from Roxen?

We installed Roxen Editorial Portal & Roxen News Website in 2014. Our previous editorial system had become outdated and we wanted to try a more modern editorial & Web CMS system that would make it easier to publish content both in print and online.

“We can utilize the most expensive cost we have – our staff – in a more efficient way.”
– Stephen Waters

After evaluating various systems, Roxen was one of the finalists. Our two main requirements: that editors could produce content from anywhere and that the system was fully integrated with our website. Roxen Editorial Portal and News Website were able to fulfill both. It also proved more cost efficient than upgrading our current system.

Another reason we choose Roxen was that their staff is knowledgeable, service minded, and listens carefully to our input. Even if they don't agree with us on a request they offer positive explanations why. When we buy an editorial system, we are not buying a piece of software, but functionality that will be developed and grow with us over time. We need to be able to rely on the supplier and can do that with Roxen.

Installing and using Roxen Editorial Portal & Roxen News Website

We have installed multiple business and editorial systems and have not experienced an installation that went so quickly and smoothly as when we installed Roxen Editorial Portal. It only took two weeks.

Roxen News Website was also easy to install. We manage the web from Roxen Editorial Portal and upload stories directly from the same user interface.

Roxen's local cloud solution gives us the security of a local system, with the advantages of remote monitoring and upgrades, which avoid time-consuming, expensive in-house maintenance. The system allows us to have flexibility, which makes it easier for us to adapt in the future.

When using Roxen's systems we have also been able to automate time-consuming routine work, which means we can do more with the same resources. We can utilize the most expensive cost we have – our staff – in a more efficient way to create more value for readers without increasing cost.

Overall, Roxen's systems have lived up to our expectations. It has been easy to install and use. Roxen offers today's technology, but they also develop new functionality and are well equipped to handle an unknown future. We expect Roxen will continue creating more value for us as a customer during the years to come.

Working with Roxen AB

Our relationship with Roxen has been mutually beneficial. When buying an IT solution the relationship is the key ingredient. We need to feel that we can trust the supplier and that we can co-create value together. We help Roxen with feedback that can be incorporated into the development process for future versions.

Roxen's staff has developed some tailor-made functions for us, but they have also been honest and said no when we have asked for functions that have been too specific and therefore be too costly. We appreciate this because we know that when we agree on something they will follow through. We are very satisfied with our partnership.

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Watch the video to see Daily Sentinel’s staff list their favorite aspects of Roxen Newsroom Solution, covering tasks in the newsroom as well as page production and web publishing.

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Quick Facts

CompanyRome Sentinel
Number of publications2
Number of employeesApprox. 50
Using Roxen since2014
Roxen solutions in useRoxen Editorial Portal
Roxen News Website
Previous editorial systems3