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Why Roxen Editorial Portal?

We had experienced a troublesome installation with another supplier and were therefore very cautious and even more thorough when looking for another system and vendor. We wanted to find an innovative and modern web-based system and learnt about Roxen through a press release.

“We only have to write an article once and can publish in multiple channels.”
– J. Tom Shaw

We have multiple newspapers and websites in different locations and states that we wanted to integrate under the same umbrella, at the same time we wanted to have the flexibility of deciding a specific workflow set-up for each paper.

Roxen turned out to be a very good fit for us, the system worked on Mac computers. During the presentation the ease of use of Roxen Editorial Portal appealed to our editorial team and that was essentially the reason we choose Roxen Editorial Portal. We decided to do a test run on one of our newspapers before installing the system at all our locations. It worked even better than expected and it did not take long before we installed the system throughout our entire organization. The installation and learning process was extremely easy and went fast. From the day we bought Roxen Editorial Portal it only took four weeks before we had the system implemented at the first newspaper and had the first issue produced on the new system. We had never before had an installation go so quickly and smoothly.

Since 2009 we have had all our publications published on Roxen Editorial portal and our websites are powered by Roxen Web CMS.

Installing and using Roxen Editorial Portal

The installation process was easy and it has saved the IT department time. An additional benefit is the ease of training new employees due to the intuitive web-based user interface.

Roxen Editorial Portal has allowed us to implement changes in our workflow. We have been able to centralize all editing to achieve a higher quality across our publications. We have also been able to implement a template-driven workflow. We used to have duplications of our workflow where we had to manually transfer content from the print version to the digital version. Now we only have to write the article once and we can publish in multiple channels. This has also made sharing articles between different publications easier. The interface between Roxen Editorial Portal and Roxen Web CMS makes publishing online easy and flexible.

Working with Roxen AB

We appreciate working with Roxen due to their professionalism; they are always honest with what they can and can't do. Once we agree on something they deliver what they have promised.

We are always wary of a new supplier before we have done an upgrade of the system; just because a supplier spends a lot of time to get your business it may not always mean they will spend time on you once you have signed a contract. But Roxen's ongoing support is first class and they are always there to help when we need them.

Quick Facts

CompanyShaw Media
Number of publications50+
DistributionMix of daily and weekly, free and subscription-based
Country/regionIllinois & Iowa, US
Using Roxen since2009
Roxen solutions in useRoxen Editorial Portal
Roxen CMS